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The following information pertains to the load-in procedure only, NOT team drop-off.


  • Team transport vehicles will line up on Market Street beside the MVP Arena.
  • A Load-in Volunteer will tell you when to proceed down the ramp to the Unloading zone.
  • The unloading area will have two lanes. Load-in volunteers will direct you to the position where you will park. We will be attempting to create crosswalks to make pedestrian movement safer within the unloading zone.
  • Tour buses will be parked in the left lane, other vehicles to the right.
  • Drivers may exit their vehicle to assist with unloading, but may not leave the vehicle unattended.
  • Some volunteers will be available to assist those who need help unloading.
  • If the driver is the only adult among the Load-in crew, the vehicle will need to be moved to a parking lot, so the driver can accompany the students for load-in.
  • Parking for trailers and buses is available in the Grand Street Lot.
  • To reach the Grand Street Lot, exit the Unloading zone, turn right onto Beaver St, then right on to South Pearl St and right again onto Market St. Proceed one block on Market and turn left on to Grand Street. The lot entrance will be on your right about 200 ft past the overpass.
  • Drivers who are part of their team’s Load-in crew should enter through the front door of the arena and proceed to the rear of the building to meet their students.
  • Drivers may pick up their Load-in crews on Market Street, or the crews can walk to the Grand Street Lot to meet the bus/transport vehicle.

Load-in Crews:

  • Team five-person Load-in crew must be wearing safety glasses when they enter the unloading zone. If the crew is arriving in a different vehicle than is transporting their Pit supplies, they may enter the arena through the front door and wait in the rear staging area until their vehicle is ready to unload.
  • There will be a pit map in the staging area to help you locate your pit.
  • No pit supplies may be moved from the staging area until an adult member of the Load-in Crew is present to accompany students.
  • There will be student volunteers available to help teams move pit supplies to their pits.
  • Once pit supplies have been moved to your pit and set up is complete, you must exit the building. You may plug batteries in to charge, but absolutely no work on the robot may be done.
  • Load-in crews will exit the building at the South Pearl or Market Street exits.

Pit Reminders:

  • Team pit set up must not go outside the 10’ x 10’ x 10’ pit boundary. Teams with structures that exceed the 10 foot height limit will be asked to remove that structure. (Event Rules 13.5)
  • Canopies or other covering above the pit is prohibited for fire safety reasons.










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